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20-22 October 2022

ESC Working Group on

Platelets and coagulation factors have diverse roles in many cardiovascular diseases and basic and clinical research in this area has led to marked improvements in clinical outcomes such as in patients with atherothrombotic events or atrial fibrillation. The pathways involved in thrombosis and haemostasis also play important roles in vascular inflammation and wound healing. The evolving complexities of the science and available treatments for management and prevention of thrombosis, as well as the requirements for yet more effective treatments, drive the need for ongoing dissemination of knowledge and development of consensus amongst both practising physicians and research scientists.

It is this need that the ESC Working Group on Thrombosis aims to meet.

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ESC Working Group on Aorta
& Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Our aim is to promote an integrative understanding of the pathophysiology of “polyvascular disease” with particular focus on prevention, new diagnostic and risk prediction tools, as well as novel therapeutic modalities.

To this goal, we encourage the collaboration with other Working Groups and ESC Associations for research activities and joint meetings.

We welcome all those interested in the field and we are looking forward to their active participation!

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